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Tis the Season!

Of course, as everyone knows, being homeless is traumatizing on so many levels of the human condition.

But being homeless during the holiday season is unimaginably depressing, especially for children.

Which is why our staff and 600+ volunteers make the extra effort to make the holidays extra special for the people – especially the children! – living at our Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing.

Traditional family recipes prepared by our volunteers appear on the Thanksgiving dinner table, ensuring everyone has a hearty – and heart-felt – repast.

The December holidays are even merrier.  Both facilities are alit in the warm glow of seasonal decorations.  Our offices quickly fill up with donated presents — winter clothing for everyone, toys the children, and diapers (LOTS of diapers) for the little ones.

Which is why we give thanks to all of the donors and volunteers who help make the holiday season a little brighter for the children and adults at our Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing.

Our Healthy Children Initiative is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System, as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.


About the Grantee

Homeless Solutions Inc.

Our mission is “to offer shelter, social services and supportive housing to homeless and low-income people.” We make that an everyday reality through a strategically-designed construct of housing options -- Emergency Shelter (short term), Transitional Housing (intermediate), and Affordable Housing (long term) – that linked with supportive services, help move people to better, healthier lives.