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Tracking a Community Model that Works

The Freehold Mayor’s Wellness Campaign is fortunate to have some excellent community partners and members of the group who serve the Freehold area in multiple capacities.  One such partner is Neighborhood Connections to Health; whose focus is the Greater Freehold Area.  Current work is focused mostly in Freehold Borough, but reach extends into Freehold Township and beyond.  One program that began this summer is a mobile food pantry at the VNA Community Health Center.  This program is thanks to their partnership with Fulfilll, who serves residents of Monmouth and Ocean County.  The pantry is being monitored for best practices and possible improvements to help support the Freehold Township MWC Mobile Vegetable Van.  Seeing and participating in the work in a neighboring community has been invaluable to the work on our own project.  The Senior Center van, which will eventually serve as our mobile unit has recently been acquired and we are currently awaiting cost estimates for the retrofit.

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Freehold Area Health Department

Freehold Township Mayor's Wellness Campaign began in 2013, with a focus on encouraging active lifestyles and engaging community partnerships. Recent work has concentrated on strategies to create better access to Township parks and healthy food choices, while strengthening new and existing partnerships in the community.