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Truck Routes for Communities

Since October, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership has been working with residents from Cramer Hill, East Camden, and North Camden to obtain feedback pertaining to truck traffic and streetscape improvements.  Through community meetings, residents and stakeholders discussed challenges associated with truck traffic and were provided with the opportunity to brainstorm solutions. Residents echoed one another’s comments as it relates to restricting truck traffic from residential pockets within Camden’s diverse neighborhood landscapes.  Residents and stakeholders acknowledged the significance truck deliveries have on local business and encouraged the development of a business survey to engage businesses in the development of a truck route.


Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, the City of Camden, and Camden County have initiated ten conceptual design development projects to study potential improvements to several corridors and intersections throughout the City.  Possible improvements include traffic signal upgrades, truck traffic mitigation efforts, ADA compliant ramps and sidewalks, utility upgrades, road resurfacing, and streetscape amenities such as trees, lighting, benches and bike lanes.

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Cooper’s Ferry Partnership

The mission of CFP is to serve as the catalyst for the preservation and growth of a vibrant Camden, New Jersey. Since 1984, CFP has been working to achieve this goal, by developing visionary long-range plans for the redevelopment of Camden and working with private sector, government, and community partners to implement these plans from vision to reality.