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Trying New Food

In March we put our early year planning into action as we started our Eat Well, Play Hard Curriculum back up this time at School # 6 in Clifton. The first week kicked off in the classroom with the children carrying out a lesson called “Food Mood.” The nutrition manager Sara read a story called How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? She then facilitated a discussion on what table manners are and why they are important. The children were able to practice these concepts as they sat down to try some new vegetables. Students passed around bowls of red, green, and orange peppers as well as yellow squash and zucchini. Everyone had the option of taking a piece to try or saying no thank you and passing the bowl to the person next to them.

The following day we met with the parents to talk about Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility. Parents had the chance to try a tasty rice and vegetable dish as well as take home the recipe and ingredients so they can make it at home. As always the recipe had steps in bold that children can assist with.

Week 2 was all about tasty snacks! The children participated in making their own yogurt sundaes, topped with bananas and crushed cereal. Everyone agreed that it was a delicious snack that could also double as a breakfast. In the parent session we blended up a chickpea dip perfect for veggies and whole wheat crackers. We discussed the importance of healthy snacks for young children as they don’t always get enough food from three meals alone as well as how to get children to try new food.

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