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Vauxhall Community Garden

Vauxhall Community Gardens Vision:

Vauxhall Community garden is being utilized for the planting of vegetables to be harvested and then donated to the community. On Saturday, July 15, 2018 fresh vegetables were given to the community from our food pantry the Golden Kitchen maintained by GRL No 24 and GRC No 50. Golden Kitchen food pantry is open to the community every second Saturday of each month, normally nonperishable food is given however participators were overjoyed to receive fresh vegetables as well. Vauxhall residents are maintaining sections of the garden for their personal use to grow vegetables; in return they are assisting the sisters of Golden Rule Chapter No 50 with the watering of the garden.

Golden Rule Community Garden is currently working with the township of Union for the installation of a fence to prevent open access to the community garden. We would also like to thank the Township of Union’s Fire department for providing water until the Community Garden established its own water supply.

Vauxhall Community Garden will continue to supply fresh vegetables to Golden Kitchen food pantry on the second Saturday of each month, while the garden is producing vegetables. On Saturday, August 25, Golden Rule Lodge No 24 will host its annual Community Day, assisted by GRC No50, Atlantic Healthcare, as well as the Concerned Citizen of Vauxhall and the Township of Union. Vauxhall Community Garden will have a table to provide the community with fresh vegetables. The community is invited as always to join us for a day of fun filled activities for the entire family.

About the Grantee

Golden Rule Lodge No 24

The members of Golden Rule Lodge No 24 and Golden Rule Chapter No 50 are a community based organization, we are working with the community, By providing and assisting with healthy living within the community, by growing a garden and teaching the community how to eat and live healthy. With this in mind, we have created a service project that directly gives aid to the Vauxhall Community