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Virtual Walking Program and More

The Englewood Health Educator, Health Officer and the Englewood Board of Health met to discuss the solutions that are possible options for the needs of the City of Englewood. The solutions mirror the resident’s survey about health needs, interest in various health programming and delivery methods. We are currently meeting and have begun the process to address residents’ top health challenges and programs of interest which include fitness and exercise. The Health Department has already began the planning of a 12 week nutrition program in which we will partner with the Partnership for Healthy Eating and purchased equipment to be used during our future walking/fitness programs. Mr. Fedorko is currently working with the City to obtain approval for the exercise equipment residents voted on for Mackay Park.

The Englewood Health Department also started its Hike the Appalachian Trail Program on June 14th. This year, the Health Department decided to do something different from their Spring Walking Program of years past; walkers virtually “hiked” along the Appalachian Trail beginning at Springer Mountain, Georgia and ending in Maine’s tallest mountain, Katahdin. The Appalachian Trail is 2,193 miles long, traversing 14 states, and typically takes a single hiker about 5-6 months to complete. The walking group pooled their steps to accomplish this goal in a shorter timeframe. The walking program was designed to encourage participants to aim towards a 10,000 steps/day goal. Increasing the daily step goal can boost energy, help manage weight, and reduce the risk of heart attack, to name a few.

A kick-off event was held on June 14th at Flat Rock Brook Nature Preserve in Englewood to give participants a taste of the hiking experience. Participants tracked and submitted their steps, received weekly newsletters with notable places passed along the Trail, and had the opportunity to participate in Zoom meet-ups as well as in-person walks/hikes to share their experiences and any challenges faced. A finale event was hosted July 1st at Mackay Park. Participants had the opportunity to win raffles and receive gifts for participating in the program.

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City of Englewood Health Department

The mission of the Englewood Health Department is to protect and enhance the health of the people in Englewood. The Department accomplishes this mission by creating viable partnerships with organizations in the community and individuals, promoting healthy lifestyles and responding to critical health issues and disasters.