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Virtual Yoga is Coming to Lincoln Park

In the 2019-2020 school year, Lincoln Park Middle School had made great strides in its goal of incorporating Yoga and wellness activities into its educational program. Students, teachers and administrators were eager participants, but Covid-19 brought our efforts to a screeching halt. Some of our most dedicated teachers continued with some activities remotely, but without the success we had experienced prior to the closure.

For the 2020-2021 school year, one of our school goals is to bring these activities back into our students’ educational routine. Dealing with the stress of this pandemic has taken a toll on students and teachers alike and physical and mental health are a priority for our students and staff. With only one of our four grades coming to school to start, we are planning to have our fifth graders who are participating in a hybrid model, participate in yoga activities to start their day. Since it is a hybrid model, only a portion of our students are in class. The rest of the students will be Zooming in for a virtual yoga session. For our students in grades 6, 7 & 8 who are learning remotely every day, for the time being, we will incorporate virtual yoga for the majority of our students.

We have built a 30 minute homeroom into our day for students to participate in social/emotional learning, into which yoga and mindfulness activities. Part of this grant is being used to purchase yoga mats. We finally found yoga mats that are antimicrobial and will be more easily disinfected. The order has been placed and once the mats arrive, they will be put to use.

Pictured here are students participating in our yoga activities just prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, prior to schools closing and recommendations for social distancing.

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Borough of Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Middle School is one of two schools in the Lincoln Park Public School district. Our school serves over 400 students and is currently split due to the pandemic. Our 5th grade is learning in a hybrid model, attending school on alternating days and our 6th - 8th grades are learning remotely for the time being.