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Walking in Elizabeth Future Planning

On September 14th, a Walking in Elizabeth planning meeting was held to discuss the potential policy changes as a result of the Geohealth project. This meeting involved members of the Future City Inc. and Historical Society of Elizabeth organizational Boards.

The purpose of the meeting was to update members on the progress, data, and outcomes of the Geohealth project. The review looked at the late winter conditions and the progressive changes that occurred because of the documentation. The changes were identified during the continued assessment during the summer.

Initially, during the observation of the community, we noticed the only green space in the community; Red Robinson Park located at 165 Catherine St, Elizabeth, NJ, was not in a suitable condition for lounging and embracing nature. There was a significant amount of litter, broken, and cracked sidewalks that were potentially hazardous to pedestrians.During the last two years repairs were done; installments of sidewalk slates, the litter was removed, the grass cut and recent pictures were taken of the park display a promising green space.

This green space is significant in that it is very near two corners stores where residents can walk, get a nutritious snack and relax in a neighborhood park.


Healthy walking, Healthy eating, Healthy park!


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