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Walking in Elizabeth Summer 2019

William Gallman the President of the Elizabeth City Council arranged a cookout in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The cookout provided a great place for residents to spend time enjoy some of the attractions and learn from some of the presenters. Among those exhibits were Future City, Inc., an environmental and community development organization; The Historical Society of Elizabeth; and Public Health Nurses. With so many activities at the cookout, people can work up quite an appetite; however, food was not a problem as there were plenty of hamburgers and hot dogs to go around. Pictured is Councilman Gallman and members of Future City Inc.

Future City, Inc.’s interns, Lauren Rodriguez, and Karen Q were surveying residents of the neighborhood for the GeoHealth project about the residents’ relationship with their local corner stores/bodegas. Lauren and Karen arranged a table for their project to create accessible participation in the neighborhood. A PowerPoint presentation on their table along with a sign to indicate what the Walking in Elizabeth project was and to engage residents.  Despite the intense heat, both pushed through to get their results.  The fellow interns greeted residents as they walked by, encouraging attendees to participate in the questionnaire. The locals gravitated towards this friendliness and asked the two what they were doing. After explaining what they were doing, residents were quick to participate and help the interns with their research. Participation in the survey will continue to help inform our project and create positive outcomes for our Healthy Eating initiatives.

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Future City Inc

Future City Inc.'s mission is to foster sustainable development by educating and assisting emerging racial and ethnic communities in policy formation, which will result in meaningful and measurable participation in environmental and community development.