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Walking in Elizabeth Year 2

This March college students at Future City Inc. will be spending part of their Spring Break working on the Walking in Elizabeth project. The goal of the Walking in Elizabeth project is to teach students assessment and mapping skills and have them use those skills to create informative materials to provide to residents and stakeholders. The students will be spending their time to create an assessment of the Catherine and William streets neighborhood in Elizabeth, NJ.

During the week, they will be joined by grade school students from the project area. The students will be taking an assessment of their neighborhood that investigates both the walkability and food access issues that may be present.  At the end of the week their will be a presentation to project partners and stakeholders. Students will be presenting a story map that they will be creating using GIS and Google Maps.

We are excited to be able to continue this project into 2019 and hope to be able to build upon our last year.

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Future City Inc

Future City Inc.'s mission is to foster sustainable development by educating and assisting emerging racial and ethnic communities in policy formation, which will result in meaningful and measurable participation in environmental and community development.