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Walking, Swimming, and Spinning towards a Healthier JC!

Last month, the Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services entered into an agreement with New Jersey City University to host free Senior Fitness classes at the campus athletic center. The contract only costs the City $300 a month, and the athletic center provides daily access to the facilities for walking on an indoor track, and provides instructors to lead swim and spin classes three days a week.

In just the first two weeks, attendance went from 5 participants on the first day to 30 by the end of the second week. The neighborhood where the NJCU athletic center is located is in a traditionally underserved part of Jersey City, and is a convenient location for many senior residents  who live nearby.

Jersey City resident Rosalind W. said that she loves the program because she can walk at her own pace. She used to walk one mile a day and already is up to a mile and a half. She’s also a fan of the spin class.

Margaret C. said that she and her friends used to go for walks on Kennedy Boulevard to get to Bayonne Park, but often had trouble with traffic and the weather. Now they can do all the walking on the indoor walking track. She loves the spin class as well.

The City will renew the contract with NJCU at the beginning of 2019, and hopes that participation continues to grow. Dollar for dollar, this is one of the most cost-effective programs administered by the City of Jersey City.

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