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We Are Apple-solutely Excited for the School Year

School is back in session and it has been so heartwarming to see how eager the students are to try new fruits and vegetables this school year. Additionally, we are appreciative of the support from the school administrators and teachers to have a FoodCorps service member in their schools and classrooms. One of the principals even created certificates in which she gives to students she sees eating a healthy snack!

At School 8, the students have been coloring in pictures of fruits and vegetables for us to hang up in the cafeteria. We have also planted spinach, kale and various herbs in the garden and set up our first wellness committee meeting. At School 17, we are very much looking forward to building the outdoor garden and forming a new wellness committee.



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United Way of Passaic County

The United Way of Passaic County works to improve the lives of people in Passaic County by mobilizing the caring power of our community. Our goal is to promote healthy nutrition and a food environment within which all County residents can have access to healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle.