Grantee Blog 2020


Grant funding for the NJHCN grant project is allocated at auditing our county operations for disabled compliance.  As the ADA Coordinator and the project coordinator spearheading this work, I was repeatedly asked throughout the course of this audit, “why now?”  The answer is simple but complex: “because it is written in the Code of Federal Regulations and mandated by the federal government to have this policy and complete this audit.”

All local governments are required to have an “active, living, Transition Plan.”  This plan is a policy that continually addressees and implements, as requirements change, the disabled access of programs, services, policies and rights of way.  This is to ensure equal access for people of all abilities.  Historically, however, the Department of Justice hasn’t had ample enforcement procedures in place for this very important law, resulting in poorly regulated compliance.  This is changing, and this audit is vital in order to continue receiving federal dollars for county operations.

This month, our county ADA Transition Plan Committee will be reviewing the two audit drafts (as pictured).  We have scheduled meetings to address web accessibility and what our county can do to assist visitors with ease of use and website readability. Once reviewed, final copies will be delivered and findings will be published.

About the Grantee

Atlantic County Division of Intergenerational Services

AC DIGS houses the Office of Disability and the county ADA Coordinator. Tis county office is a Division of the department of Human Services.