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“Welcome! May All Who Come As Guests Leave As Friends”

“Welcome…Come on in!”, says Bill Dunlop, our resident “greeter” at Finn’s Mobile Farmers Market. Bill has lived in Finn’s Mobile Home Park for 25 years. Prior to moving to Finn’s, Bill was in the US Air Force as a jet aircraft mechanic. He served in the Vietnam campaign and then was stationed at Langley AFBase where, as Bill says, “he met his beautiful wife.” After his military service Bill, his wife and two children moved to Finn’s, in Wayne, so he could pursue his work as an engineer at Kearfott Guidance and Navigation.

When the Healthy Finn’s Group started, Bill was one of the first residents to sign on. He is a regular at the meetings and provides valuable feedback to improve our programs because as Bill says often, “I like my neighbors. We have some really good people living here.” Bill’s friendly demeanor made him a perfect candidate to become the “Veggie Mobile Greeter”, which he gladly volunteered for. His warm “hello” and easy going style make all who come to the Mobile Farmers Market feel more like friends than just Finn’s residents. We’re lucky to have Bill on our team!

Healthy Finn’s Group is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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Wayne Health Department

One of the main purposes of the Wayne Health Department is to prevent the premature onset of disease and disability, and to help all residents achieve healthier, more productive lives. The health department is committed to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the health of its residents through organized health promotion and disease prevention efforts.