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Wellness & Safety for Morris Ave. Students!

425 Pre-School and Kindergarten students gathered in the multi-purpose room of Morris Avenue School to participate in a pedestrian safety presentation led by the Bike & Pedestrian team from EZ Ride. Half the students took a short walk from the school annex to attend the presentation at the main school building.  The presentation started with an introduction and a short video about pedestrian safety. We also spoke to the students about being healthy through more walking, the need for 60 minutes of daily exercise, and the importance of eating healthy foods and drinks. Maintaining an active lifestyle is something we always advocate when we promote walking and biking to school and we told the kids about our healthy corner store, Sungate Mini Mart, which is only two blocks from the school. For the young students of Morris Ave., the hope is to instill positive practices that will carry on as they grow.

EZ Ride’s team altered and refined our pedestrian safety presentation to best fit the needs of the young students. Students in Pre-K & Kindergarten need a condensed version of our material to hold their attention. We also added age-appropriate visuals and moving emojis to keep the kids attention. The team was able to share our key messages by focusing on the four safety rules of “Stop! Look! Listen! Think!” and by providing fun visuals. The students were responsive and showed they had a good grasp of basic pedestrian safety skills as we asked questions to enforce their learning. Given their age, walking with an adult is something we reinforced during our presentation, as well as not playing around when crossing the street. During our interactive demonstration, where we have students come up and practice the safe skills we teach, the Morris Ave. students waited for a pedestrian signal to change, waved at drivers to get attention, looked both ways and crossed in the crosswalk.

On March 7, the Morris Avenue early Childhood Learning Center was treated to a fun and informative assembly, presented by the great people from EZ Ride’s Bike and Pedestrian Team. Our young students learned all about being safe while walking. The presentation began with a kid-friendly video which explained the four rules of crossing a street safely: Stop, Look, Listen, and Think. It was presented in both English and Spanish, which accommodated our student population nicely. We then put these rules into practice, and several students pretended to cross a street on a realistic looking crosswalk mat. Later that same day, our classes used the “real” crosswalk while walking to the main school’s playground. The students stopped, looked, listened, and thought before they crossed! Thank you, EZ Ride Bike and Pedestrian Safety team, for teaching us how to be safe!” ~ Elizabeth Gannon, Morris Avenue School

Thanks to our funders, NJDOH and NJDOT, for their support.  For more info, please contact EZ Ride’s Bike & Pedestrian team at (201) 939-4242 ext. 5.

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EZ Ride

EZ Ride is a non-profit, public-private partnership with a mission to implement transportation programs and services that enhance quality of life, regional mobility and economic opportunity while reducing traffic congestion & air pollution. The Bike & Ped team offers Safe Routes to School (SRTS) services and works to build safe and healthy communities.