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What Food Means to Families

During the course of this school year, many families have reached out to notify organizers of the Fresh Food Market how the project has impacted their household. Despite there being multiple food panties in the community of Woodbine, many residents still battle with food insecurity. Many times, the food provided is not always the most healthy or meets the dietary needs of particular family members. Not only does the Fresh Food Market include produce and proteins, but the Community FoodBank of NJ supplies other items such as chickpea pasta and quinoa, along with dairy free food alternatives.

Perhaps one of the best things that we have learned in this process is that families are very willing and excited to try new foods! Many have mentioned how the market has allowed them to expose their children to items that they either could not afford or obtain for various reasons.

“My husband and I both work so I was hesitant to come and take from other families who have a greater need, but we were encouraged and are so blessed to be part of the food market. We never had a mango until yesterday. I even had to Google how to cut it. It was delicious! I was so happy to have gotten all the fresh salads, we didn’t know which one to choose first. I tend to just buy basic fresh vegetables and the rest are canned or frozen. I have to admit we never had kale, brocolini, or even brussel sprouts. It is also a blessing to get chicken and soup. My husband and I are so happy that we are now able to expose our children to different food.”-Theresa, family of 5

As mentioned in previous posts, the Community FoodBank of NJ’s SNAP-Ed staff will be hosting onsite taste tests. Nutrition education materials will be provided to all families that attend the open market.With the success of linking healthy food with physical activity, we hope that providing education services will be the final piece in making sure that the quality of life for the residents of Woodbine continues to flourish.

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