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Winter Mobile Market – The Start of Better Access!

The Freehold Mayor’s Wellness Campaign has been working during the duration of this grant cycle towards a mobile veggie van.  The initial plan was to acquire and retrofit a vehicle previously used by the Freehold Senior Center.  The process to acquire the van was delayed multiple times, which lead to continued conversations with community partners about other ways to meet our goal of a mobile market.  Neighborhood Connections to Health, whose focus is the Greater Freehold Area, operates in Freehold Borough, but serves all of Western Monmouth County.  Several individuals who work with the Freehold Township MWC also partner with Neighborhood Connections to Health (NCTH).  Part of NCTH focus is on increasing food access to community residents and the organization has successfully partnered with Fulfill to provide mobile markets in Freehold Borough two times per month.  The Freehold MWC has continued to support and monitor the process over the last several months.  Fulfill has agreed to assist the Freehold MWC in expanding their reach to Freehold Township starting in January 2020.  Work continues to determine the day, time and location within Freehold Township, but the agreement will allow for the market to visit the township one time per month.  This will be an amazing opportunity to expand access, particularly during the colder months.  We cannot wait to see how this partnership may continue to grow!

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Freehold Area Health Department

Freehold Township Mayor's Wellness Campaign began in 2013, with a focus on encouraging active lifestyles and engaging community partnerships. Recent work has concentrated on strategies to create better access to Township parks and healthy food choices, while strengthening new and existing partnerships in the community.