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Woodbine Wonders: A History of Improving Health Outcomes

For nearly a decade, Woodbine Elementary and its staff have worked to develop a culture of health within their schools community. Whether your interest is in active living, healthy eating, or nutrition/physical activity education, their Health and Wellness Team can point to a project focused in that area.

In 2012, Woodbine Elementary launched their Safe Routes to School Program. With involvement from their municipality, a School Travel Plan was created by Cross County Connection. The plan identified areas of infrastructure concern, along with a list of action items for the school to implement to ensure students were encouraged to walk and bike safely. They were awarded recognition by the NJ SRTS Resources Center for their efforts.

Along with Safe Routes to School, other programs were implemented to ensure children had the opportunity to be physically active.

As always, the Health and Wellness Team was willing to expand their efforts. Four years ago, they partnered with the Community FoodBank of NJ to offer an after-school feeding program. It wasn’t too long after that the partners decided to come together to reinvent the school pantry model.

With money from the NJHCN, family enrichment nights replaced a typical food pantry distribution. Food was laid out  as if you were shopping in a market, nutrition education was delivered, and physical activity programming was implemented. This effort helped to reduce stigma and further encourage healthy lifestyle choices.


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