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Working Together to Reach More Children with Summer Food

On March 7th, Hunger Free New Jersey facilitated a Summer Food Summit in Clifton.  A group of community stakeholders gathered in the Clifton public library to discuss strategies to improve access to breakfast and lunch for children this summer.  Representatives from the Clifton Park and Recreation department, public library, city council, health department, school district, Boys and Girls Club and other community-based organizations showed up ready to get to work!   The Community Food Bank and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture were in attendance to provide guidance and technical support on the summer food program.

The goals of the Clifton Summer Food Summit were to identify two to three possible new summer food sites for 2019, strategize ways to expand the program in all city Park and Recreation camps sites this year and explore ways to market and promote the program so parents know where their children can get a meal in the summer.

The group identified potential sites for this summer including the Clifton library, a non-profit organization and a church in Botany Village, an area of the city with particularly high need.  The school district will be offering summer meals to children enrolled in summer schools at four sites.  In addition, the park and recreation department in Clifton is exploring the possibility of expanding the summer food program to all four of its camp sites this summer.  Last summer, they piloted the program at one of their camps that runs out of the community center.

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