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Working Toward Our Goals – Virtually!

At Bergen Tech, our initiative to encourage physical activity and provide activities and support for employees has gone fully virtual.

In September, BCTS in conjunction with the Lewin Foundation were scheduled to host a Walk for Women’s Cancer on the Bergen Community College campus in Paramus. We have now changed that to a virtual fundraiser, encouraging participants to walk wherever they are; backyards, neighborhoods, empty parking lots, whatever is available. By downloading apps on their phones or wearing Fitbits, walkers can verify their walking routes and miles for their sponsors. All will be encouraged to video their walk or take pictures to send in so we can compile a video of the Fundraiser. We will also tie this into our (virtual for now) Walking Club group page (to be unveiled next week) , where people can post their training videos, offer tips for distance walking, and share advice. Having a concrete goal to work toward is always a great motivation. We invite everyone to participate. Our flyer is attached, but we may still add a rain date since we’re no longer tied a specific location.

We are shamelessly stealing ideas from other apps, including offering weekly and monthly challenges to members to engage in activities. For example, to commit to doing an activity – walking, yoga, gardening – four days out of the week. Each completed challenge will earn a virtual badge, with an accumulation of badges earning a real prize.

Our yoga instructors are also busy creating meditation and yoga sessions for a library of exercise and mindfulness resources our staff members can access from home, and when we’re back in school, access onsite.

With people being somewhat isolated, hopefully the camaraderie and support offered by our group page will lift spirits and help people to keep, or get, moving.

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The Bergen County Technical School District comprises four high school campuses, a daycare center, and Adult & Continuing Education division. Our partner district, Bergen County Special Services, educates students with disabilities ages 3-21, as well as provides educational and job training services to adults. The districts serve students and clients from 71 towns in Bergen County.