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Worksite Wellness – Is it for you?

Increased productivity. Improved morale. Decreased absenteeism. These are just a few of the benefits of a Worksite Wellness program for any employer. Through our Live Healthy Vineland initiative, we noticed that the first barrier we encounter with a new employer is the “what do we get from it” question. Our Champions must tackle this head-on right away to give the employer a new perspective on Workplace Wellness and how it will not only benefit it’s employees, but also the entire business itself! Included in each introductory packet are statistics and benefits of having a healthier workforce. Our Champions also educate the employers on our wellness as a whole perspective of being a partner. Many think that we are coming in to teach exercise classes or have the employees do Yoga in the lunch room (that could work!). We educate the employers on the aspect of it being a “well-being” program and focusing on not only physical health, but mental health as well. This incorporates meditation rooms, or quiet spaces for employees, workshop opportunities regarding mental health, as well as, fun challenges for employees such as tracking water intake, using the stairs, etc.

We are constantly working to change the mindset of employers that this is just another “project” for them to take on. We’ve been successful with our current partners, who are well invested in the program. We in turn look to them to be champions to others who may be interested in taking part of a Worksite Wellness program. Live Healthy Vineland continues to work in conjunction with the YMCA to reach all businesses, large and small, in our communities to make them all a healthier place to live, work, and play!

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