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The Morris Park Alliance, through the Connect to Walk and Bike Committee, has worked with several communities this year. All are in some form of planning for walking and biking. Wharton has received a county grant for construction. They have unique attractions around the Morris Canal that will bring visitors and residents to the trails. They are restoring a lock tender’s house and creating a replica of a canal boat. Already they provide rides along the towpath drawn by horses during Canal Day! In Dover, the Connect to Bike and Walk Committee works with Shaping Dover, another grantee, to gather community input on physical activity. A construction project in downtown will be studied for pedestrian and bicyclist access. A horrific fire this fall left many people homeless but all have been relocated, and received assistance from members of the community. Truly an example of a community coming together! Currently, the committee is working with Rockaway Township, mapping and taking photos. The community survey will be shared before the end of the year. These three communities share borders so a connected region is in the future. Today’s news says that physical activity can be as good as drugs to reduce high blood pressure (this is not news to those of us in the field!). So the New Year’s resolution to get in share can mean just going for a walk or bike ride – Do it!


About the Grantee

Morris Park Alliance

The Connect to Walk and Bike Committee works with willing partner communities to assess, map, and photograph routes for walking and biking. A final report of recommendations is provided. The recommended routes connect parks, transit, schools, and shopping.