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2021 Housing Expo

On October 2, 2021 the YMCA in partnership with the Housing Authority, PARTNER, and the City of Perth Amboy held an in-person Housing Expo. The purpose of the Housing Expo is to educate Perth Amboy renters about homeownership and assist them on their journey to homeownership.

Among the vendors of this event were local nonprofits, mortgage lenders, title companies, realtors, courts and banks. All vendors provided very useful information and help for their community. Our Housing Ambassador spoke to Perth Amboy residents about Health Housing and the new Housing Plan that the YMCA helped develop. The ambassador explained to residents the importance of keeping a healthy home. The following is a message from our ambassador:

“At the Housing Expo I spoke to over one hundred residents about the importance of making sure their fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were working and checking for lead and mold. I went over some healthy housing tips and handed out some resources. In talking to the people who attended I found many were very interested in finding out about how to keep their home healthy and safe from harm. Many voiced their concerns on their current home conditions. Many were not happy with the condition of their homes and asked who they could talk to about these concerns. I heard the same from all that they were scared to reach out for help, with the fear of losing their apartment. I spoke to a few that have been at their residents for many years with no repairs to their home. They stay because rent is so high they can’t move. One gentleman stated his apartment is in such bad shape he wants to move but cannot afford to. I referred him to some resources who may be able to help him and if so he may be able to find better living conditions. I also emphasized the importance of educating yourself on the Housing Plan, as positive changes are coming to renters in Perth Amboy and our community members have to be part of it.”

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