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Inspiring Curiosity and Feeding Young Minds

Mrs. Suzanne Iapoce, computer teacher, along with Mrs. Emily Moore, art teacher, have taken charge of the aeroponic towers at Lincoln Park Elementary School.  Through their enthusiasm and encouragement, the children at Lincoln Park Elementary School are very curious about the Tower Gardens and have been eager to watch the little plants grow.  The second graders are especially interested because they are learning about trees in computer class and have been discussing what is needed in order for photosynthesis to occur.  Now, with the Towers, we can emphasize the importance of water, carbon dioxide, and light.

“I think it is cool because of the way it works.  The plants absorb carbon dioxide easily, but they need the special lights to grow” ~Katelyn S.

“I like how you don’t have to put anything in it.  It has its own water and a cool shower cap.” ~Alejandro M.

Thank you to the Borough of Lincoln Park and Mrs. Kathleen Skrobala, from the LP Health Bureau, for securing this grant!

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Borough of Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park Health Department provides opportunities for people to make the right choices about their health. We accomplish this by partnering with local businesses, schools and organizations.