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A Participant’s Perspective…

A Participant’s Perspective


We are elated to have one of our focus group participants share his thoughts for this month’s blog post. The picture included is from the focus group’s opening activity where participants were asked to work in pairs and build what they believed was a healthy plate with materials that were provided. Please read on for a participant’s perspective.


My name is Tony McNeil, one of the residents at Harvest House Apartments. I was invited to a focus group sponsored by Project Eden on October 5, 2018. Several topics were discussed at the focus group. One of the topics of interest to me was health and wellness for seniors at Harvest House. I spoke on the need to improve or create basic solutions and helping individuals seek a better approach to improve a healthy, active lifestyle. An example is a program promoting emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, and physical wellness. My belief is that all the above work as one effective method of reaching positive outcomes. Some research indicates that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or illness. For me, wellness is an overall balance of your physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and occupational well-being. With that understanding, the benefits of workshops, health seminars, exercise classes and better gym equipment can improve health and wellness outcomes for seniors. From my life experiences, I believe an individual can reshape themselves by maintaining overall balance. In life, we can maintain balance by developing stronger coping skills and exploring how to deal with daily challenges. I believe when we do this, we may improve seniors’ quality of life and reduce dependency on medical needs at Harvest House.

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Generations, Inc., a community development corporation, provides comprehensive, coordinated services to meet the needs of families and individuals, providing full access to necessary services for all ages. Innovations Ministries, a non-profit entity within Generations, promotes a proactive approach to personal development, lifestyle management and enhance overall well-being and quality of life.