Grantee Blog 2020

A Shared Vision of Health Equity

As we approach a year since the crumbling of life as we knew it, communities who experienced significant inequities in accessing resources pre-Covid, are now facing barriers at a heightened degree. With the system being significantly unprepared to support the compounded needs of people with disabilities as a result of the pandemic, families and individuals have been attempting to navigate an inaccessible and uncoordinated system of support services independently and without guidance.

As we never knew what was to come, we could always count on our participants, coalition members, and cohort for support. We emerged stronger by coming up with creative solutions stemming from diverse perspectives and disciplines. We thank our interdisciplinary team of self-advocates, parents, caregivers, educators, nutrition experts, public health workers, and community leaders for advancements during times of adversity.

This winter we continue to be the access point for accessible food distribution sites, maintaining and expanding the Health Education Webinar Series and reconvening The Center’s Coalition meetings.

In 2021, The Center persists to address key areas such as: adequate, individual, and health-promoting nutrition in the development of the Inclusive Nutrition Standards of Care and Guidelines for Implementation. While also recognizing and applying the anecdotal data collected regarding barriers in nutrition access by The Center: The State of Nutrition for People with Disabilities in New Jersey. Continued partnerships with Rowan and Stockton University nutrition experts, community members, and stakeholders will bring virtual and accessible nutrition resources and best practices right to family’s homes.

In order to get the word out about The Center’s ongoing efforts, we have published an article with Exceptional Parenting Magazine in their Diet & Nutrition Edition. We look forward to 2021; growing the Center on Nutrition and Disability Coalition; piloting Inclusive Standards for Nutrition and Guidelines for Implementation; and continuing to move forward in working together with community partners reaching for the shared vision of health equity for people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities as well as their caregiver(s).


About the Grantee

Family Resource Network

The Family Resource Network is an inclusive group of community programs and services designed to meet the growing needs of individuals and families with disabilities. From mobility assistance to educational programs for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to scholarship opportunities and healthy eating and fitness programs- we aim to bridge gaps for the families we serve.