Grantee Blog 2020

A Student’s View of the Path to Health and Wellness at Hewitt School in Ringwood.

About the Health and Wellness Trail 

This trail is already visually appealing with Ringwood’s stunning forest scenery. The trail has new gym equipment along the path.  It encourages people to want to go outdoors and be active.  This trail is so creative; it’s essentially a combination of a hike and a gym workout. This trail highlights one of the many attractions in Ringwood as an outdoor loving, active person’s ideal destination with its amazing nature views and opportunities for physical activity. The location is great since it’s right down the road from Ringwood’s State Parks and is right next to Hewitt School which is on Sloatsburg Road. This makes the trail very convenient for people visiting Ringwood for these types of experiences.

My Experience

First, you’ll be greeted by a welcoming sign at the beginning of the trail. This is located right next to the practice soccer field closest to Hewitt School.

Then as you’re walking on the trail you’ll find the first of two sections of gym equipment. This section contains equipment for abs and chest. In this photo I am using an ab machine. As you workout you can see the spectacular views of Ringwood’s forests.

Then if you walk a little further you’ll find the next section of physical equipment. This section contains equipment for legs and back. I was able to use the leg extension and curl machine as well as the squat machine.

Would this be beneficial for the Community?

This trail would be enormously beneficial for the community. This trail helps the user be very productive by having two workout styles with the strength machines helping them build up their strength as well as the walking trail itself helping build their cardiovascular endurance.  This trail will help give people the motivation to go outside and be active. It will help people who are on their journey to losing weight and by helping them get more physically fit. This trail is exactly what Ringwood residents and it’s visitors need as people have been indoors more than ever during this pandemic, obesity rates are rising and people are increasingly seeking outdoor workouts and physical activity to relieve stress and improve their overall health.

This work is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

About the Grantee

Borough of Ringwood

Ringwood is a beautiful town located in Passaic County. Members of our team include employees of the Borough of Ringwood and the Ringwood Board of Education.