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After School Tennis

Pennsville Township is proud to announce our new tennis  program.  The Recreation Department, through careful planning, has joined forces with Pennsville High School Tennis Coach Dan Lamont to offer instruction for this lifetime sport.  Some players from the high school team will volunteer to better help the young participants.  The students will receive volunteer hours for National Honor Society and Student Counsel  (See flyer attached)  Because of New Jersey Healthy Communities  and other generous donors the tennis courts are complete and operational.  Currently the courts are used throughout the day by people of all ages.  Brad Olcott, Rec Department Coordinator, related his budget has allowed him to purchase new tennis rackets so no one is left out.

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Pennsville Township

Pennsville Township's mission is to introduce quality physical activity and sports programming. We believe this a critical strategy in the fight to reverse the crisis of childhood obesity in this Country .