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“Anyone can do puppy dog!”

The Early Childhood members at the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton are engaged in healthy eating program and yoga classes. The youngsters have learned about having a healthy variety of fruits & vegetables. This component fits in well with their learning about colors. We struggled to introduce healthier options for our kids. Convenience and shelf life of snacks and meals can make the heartiest options logistically difficult. Additionally parent bake sales are typically sweets and pre-prepared snacks. Planning for the gardening portion of the program has begun. The Boys & Girls Club of Clifton will convene a meeting with our Early Childhood Director, Education Director and representatives from the Adult Family Health Services, City Green and our Master Gardeners. Yoga instruction is a big hit with the preschool program. Simple poses have been given kid friendly names: Cat, Cow, Tree and Table. One “yogi” asked me if I wanted to wanted to join them for their session. When I jokingly said it would be too hard for me to do Yoga, the youngster replied, “Anyone can do puppy dog!” Having our members start a lifelong physical activity, at such an early age, will reap rewards for their entire lifetimes.

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Boys & Girls Club of Clifton (BGCClifton)

The Boys & Girls Club of Clifton is dedicated to providing programs and services in a safe, supervised environment, to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as caring, productive and responsible citizens. Serving over 5,000 members at our main facility 12 Schools in Clifton and 3 Schools in Woodland Park.