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Audubon’s Active Excitement

As our two years comes to an end, we can’t help but sit back and feel grateful for all the amazing opportunities and additions to our town this grant has afforded us. When we set out two years ago, we had four separate initiatives that were equally important.

Our first project was the purchase and install of nine additional bike racks.  Seven of those have been installed to date. Of the remaining two, one is currently being negotiated with another private business for better placement and the last one is patiently waiting for the construction to be completed before installed at our brand new recreation center.

Our second initiative was to provide monetary incentives to our three sports organizations for two years to provide healthier options at the snack stands.  A nutritionist was brought in to consult with them and be available throughout both years for any questions. This was received very well by the community and we have high expectations for next year for it to continue without the monetary incentive. In an effort to help for future seasons, the nutritionist reviewed all documentation and pictures and provided a customized report with recommendations for each individual organization.

The third initiative was our Walk through Audubon where we are creating a walking tour of Audubon highlighting our most historic properties.  All though we didn’t get as far as we would like in this project just yet, we created some great new partnerships in the community with our Historical Society, Library and High School. Many volunteer hours have been dedicated to this project and we anticipate much forward progress in 2020.

Last but not least are the wonderful additions to the grounds of the recreation center. As our brand new building is currently being erected, the grounds surrounding the building are transforming to better serve the community in both active and passive capacities. As you can see by the pictures, exercise equipment has been added next to the already existing playground as well as large percussion instruments.

Our hopes are to attract and engage the entire community as there is something for everyone in town to learn, exercise or to just be outside and play!

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Borough of Audubon

The Borough of Audubon is 1.5 square miles and we are a walking school district. We would like to encourage kids and adults to eat healthier, walk, bike, exercise and play more.