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August in the Garden

August is here, and our garden is overflowing with vegetables and herbs. In preparation for the return of their students in the Career Crossroads program, a shared-time vocational program for students in grades 11, 12, and 12+ offering a Hospitality and Food Service area of study, instructors have been harvesting herbs and vegetables to freeze for future use. Our Bergen Tech high school students from the Landscape Design program have been engaged in a community garden project in partnership with the town of Fort Lee, but have made time to stop by and check on the garden to see how their design and construction project is standing up to use. Our benches around the garden have been installed and employees are making good use of them to get some fresh air and enjoy lunch outside. Adults attending EMT classes are also making use of the benches and garden areas on their breaks.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned as we start up our employee health and wellness initiative, it’s be ready to alter or entirely rethink your plans! The area near our garden where we had planned to host some tasting events is now part of a redesign and expansion for the EMT program, so we quickly moved inside. Vegetables and herbs were harvested and brought into the lunch rooms for employees to sample and take home.

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The Bergen County Technical School District and its sister district, Bergen County Special Services, educates students ages 3-21 as well as offers Adult and Continuing Education training and sheltered workshops for adults with disabilities. Our Paramus campus comprises elementary, middle, and high school programs in addition to the county EMS Training Center and rehabilitation workshops.