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Best Season Yet and The Best Is Yet To Come!

The Afterschool program continues to be a huge success at the Trenton Housing Authority.

Children came dressed in their Halloween costumes and after they ate their healthy meal, they participated in games such as basketball, legos, interacted with the rep from the girl scouts, and much more.

Out of the Urban Health Literacy Workshops evolved an African American Women’s Health Council tasked with addressing physical activity and healthy eating beyond this program. And we are implementing a Trauma-Informed Mental Health Community Educator Training. My participants say, “That if the mind is not right for children and adults, then how can someone even think about exercise and healthy eating.” This gets at system change – Systems change in through these programs “is about addressing the root causes of social problems, which are often intractable and embedded in networks of cause and effect. It is an intentional process designed to fundamentally alter the components and structures that cause the system to behave in a certain way.”

About the Grantee

Trenton Housing Authority (THA)

The Trenton Housing Authority (THA) is committed to building and maintaining affordable housing for City of Trenton residents. We seek to create safe, energy-efficient neighborhoods by partnering with individuals and organizations to provide affordable housing, education and employment opportunities for families of modest means who live in the City of Trenton.

Strategy: Healthy Eating System

Cohort: Central 1

Funder: SNAP-Ed

Cities: Trenton