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North Bergen Park & Thrive Initiative

Park and Thrive, a park that has been built in the North Bergen community as a health initiative has been thriving and is highly appreciated by the residents of North Bergen. This park was funded by the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network Grant Program to assist the people of North Bergen in becoming more active and developing a healthier lifestyle. Although the weather at this time of year is a limiting factor, there have been numerous residents in the township who are dedicated to their fitness journey. The integration of this park will better serve the community by serving as a tool to assist and empower residents in their health journey. Many factors were taken into account in the development of this project to cater to the needs of the local residents.

It is difficult for local residents to have access to gym memberships. Having this park will fulfill healthy exercise habits in the community. Upon interviewing local residents, the positive feedback received was tremendous. By having established this free outdoor fitness park, gapping the bridge towards healthy exercise habits will be established. Local residents have been informed about the upcoming farmers market. The North Bergen Health Department are extremely confident and hopeful for the future in the integration of these projects. Combined, the park and the farmers market will yield to positive and a fruitful difference in the health of our community.


About the Grantee

Township of North Bergen (via NB Health Department)

The North Bergen Health Department mission is to improve the quality of life for our 60,000+ residents by offering a wide array of health services that target health prevention, health education, public health safety and code enforcement.