Grantee Blog 2020

Blog 4 (Year 2) Tower Garden and Pickleball.

Long Branch Public Schools have started their summer school/camps as of July 6th. The tower gardens continue to grow in the classrooms and they will be having a community garden. When school reopens in the fall the Audrey W. Clark School will continue the program and LBPS will sustain the cost. They will also plan a community night and combine with Back to School.

Pickleball continues in the community. We are playing outside, and we have been able to play indoors a bit. This activity has continued and has been very popular with the community. The students will start playing 2 days a week outside and inside during inclement weather. They will continue the program in their PE classes when school re-opens and they will also run a community night for indoor play 2 nights a week (at their own expense).

Food services will try to set a night up for parents and community members when schools re-open in the fall. The Farmers market has not open yet but we are hoping they will open sometime over the summer. Teachers will have summer school students bring their veggies to the market if available.

Teachers will continue to facilitate Pickleball and grow their gardens during summer school and camps..


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