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Blog 5- Tower Garden and Pickleball

Tower Garden and Pickleball.

As of today, Long Branch Public Schools are all remote due to Covid 19. There plans are to phase in groups of students a little at a time. On October 15th they are planning on bringing Pre-K students in need back two days per week. The next phase is to bring back K-5 Special needs students. Depending on how that goes will depend on their next plan.

I have been in contact with the teachers by email and zoom calls. They are continuing to grow their gardens at home and share with their students. As the weather changes they will be using the grow lights for their towers. However, four teachers still do not have their lights due to back order. I will be calling the distributor again today to get the status of the lights.

Pickleball continues in the community. They are still able to play outside. Once the weather changes it is going to be difficult due to the buildings still being closed. We are planning on playing outside until November 1st and then decide how long we can stay outdoors.

I have contacted food services to see if we can get involved with them as they are still making grab and go’s for students. However, they feel we need to wait until schools re-open.

At this point I will continue to facilitate Pickleball and assisting teachers with their towers.


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