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Bloomfield Falls Back Into Health

With Fall season around the corner, schools about the open, and September being Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to think about healthy school lunches – including a new lunch box. Continuing our efforts to promote healthy eating among Bloomfield community, Bloomfield Department of Health & Human Services (BDHHS) has purchased bento boxes to distribute among customers who frequent the Tuesday afternoon Veggie Mobile Market in front of the Bloomfield library. Readers may wonder what these boxes are and how they can promote healthy eating. Well hear us out: bento boxes are multi-compartmentalized lunch boxes that originated in Japan. Each compartment holds a single serving of different food items and its special design keeps each compartment sealed, which prevents food from leaking out of the box or spilling into other compartments. Did we mention each compartment holds a single serving of each food item? Fill each compartment with a different, brightly colored vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cheese, or another favorite food. And not even the pickiest child can resist the temptation of a colorful buffet of fresh food. What a great way to help you stick to a diet or introduce portion control and sensible eating to the next generation! In addition to the bento boxes, BDHHS will also include an informational flyer on how to pack a healthy lunch.

The Veggie Mobile which visits Bloomfield every Tuesday afternoon will be seeing a number of co-collaborators for the months of September and October. Bloomfield Township is in communication with a number of local vendors, with many to make their appearance later this month – a pasta connoisseur, yoga instructor, health screenings, etc. all in the works.  It will be Market Day around the Veggie Mobile!

Efforts to raise awareness about SNAP/WIC/ Senior Nutrition Benefits and enrollment assistance through BDHHS has paid off tremendously. Foot traffic from newly enrolled participants have doubled/ tripled. Approximately 24 resource bags were distributed last week Tuesday – all within 90 minutes!

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