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Blue Corn: The Inheritance of Our Ancestors

Corn has been a staple to many cultures. It is one of the crops that unites us despite our backgrounds. Over time, corn has been modified and displaced just like people have. Displaced from roots and traditions that are part of one’s identity. This year, a member of the Hammonton Community is planting blue corn. Blue corn was essential to him growing up and reminds him of his country of origin. Like him, many of the farmworkers and people from the migrant community can connect to their roots by eating a tortilla. One of the goals of growing own food is that people can grow food that is appropriate to their culture and that is hard to find at the grocery store. Better yet, food that is grown with sustainable means.


About the Grantee

Comite de Apoyo para Trabajadores Agriculturales (CATA)

CATA- The Farmworkers Support Committee has been serving the migrant and farmworker community for the past 39 years. CATA’s mission is to empower and educate farmworkers through leadership development and capacity building so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action for their interests.