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Boilermaker’s Brew Café ~ A simulated business model

The City of Garfield is embarking on a new project – a Pop-up Coffee shop named “Boilermaker’s Brew Café.” The name incorporates Garfield’s historic mascot into the local business, hoping the Brew will bring the same feel-good excitement a Friday night football game creates.

Boilermakers Brew Café will be on the patio behind The Garfield Health Department overlooking The Jr. Boilermaker’s Football Field. Generations for Garfield, The Garfield Police Department – Community Affairs Division, Mayor Rigoglioso, Garfield City Council, and the Garfield Public School’s 18-21 Transition Program will combine efforts to develop a simulated business model. Generations for Garfield will provide all the start-up essentials such as iron tables, striped umbrellas, and flowerboxes with flowers and herbs. Students will prepare and serve drinks and a seasonal baked good of the day prepared in a commercial kitchen.

Job coaches and teachers will accompany students ages 18-21 in Garfield Highschool’s transition program to strengthen fundamental skills needed in today’s workplace. The students will be involved in all facets of the operation, from logo design, marketing on social media. Garfield’s own Arabica Coffee Co. will be providing the students with barista training and providing coffee chosen by student input.

Possessing skills to garner gainful employment is an essential factor in economic stability. Creating a simulated business for students transitioning into the workforce will address health determinants regarding employment and financial stability. Skills learned in Café will aid Garfield Highschool’s transition program’s students with future employment opportunities as they learn to plan and operate a working café. The Café will use donations, which will continue to fund Boilermaker’s Brew Café to achieve a sustainable workforce development program in The City of Garfield.

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City of Garfield

The City of Garfield collaborates with local partners to understand and address the challenges regarding the social determinants of health within the community and use resources to make a positive difference in the quality of health and life for residents.