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Breakfast After the Bell Gives Parents Peace of Mind

We all know that serving breakfast after the bell is the best way to ensure that children have access to breakfast at school.  But, how does this program benefit parents?

Parents struggling to make ends meet often rely on meals served at school to fill in the gaps.  Working parents who may not be able to get their children to school early enough to get breakfast served in the cafeteria, appreciate having breakfast available for their kids after the bell.  They know that their children will be able to start their day with something nutritious so that they can focus and learn in school.

Yomaira’s two children attend school #17 in Clifton and both get free breakfast after the bell from the grab and go cart.  Yomaira is attending classes and says it is sometimes a challenge to get the children up and out the door in the morning.  Knowing they will get ‘breakfast to go’ at school actually helps get them moving!  “They prefer getting the ‘breakfast to go’ at school.”  She says that the free meals her children get at school are also a huge help to her household’s financial bottom line.  “It helps us a lot.  And it’s so good to know that the children will be fed and able to learn.”

Through this grant, Hunger Free New Jersey is working with our partners in Clifton to mobilize parents to advocate for implementation of breakfast after the bell district wide.  Parents know first-hand how important this program is and their involvement has been critical to improving access to child nutrition programs in districts around the state.

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The mission of Hunger Free New Jersey (formerly New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition) is to end hunger in NJ through education, advocacy and activism. Hunger Free New Jersey educates the public and decision-makers about hunger and mobilizes diverse organizations to combat hunger by improving access to nutrition programs.