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“By Example, By Example, By Example”

My father was a professor of Continuing Education at a college university. He often told us, “The best way to teach children is by example, by example, by example.” I think he really wanted to impress upon us the importance of…one’s example. Over the years, I have found he was absolutely right. Children look to their parents, teachers and the other influential adults in their lives for a blue print of what’s important and how to behave. When parents demonstrate to their children, by purchasing healthy foods, just how important it is to eat healthy and exercise, their children will often follow suit.

We have been pleased to watch this dynamic unfold in the Finn’s Mobile Home Park community. The children who attend the bimonthly Mobile Farmers Markets with their parents seem interested and excited about the fruits and vegetables displayed. The City Green representatives that “man” the “Veggie Mobile”, as we affectionately call it, engage the children in conversation and spark their interest in the different healthy foods available. One of the parent’s even said their child LOVES carrots as a result of their visits to the Veggie Mobile.

We’re delighted to be part of the change that is taking hold at Finn’s. By making fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible to the community, more parents are providing a good example for their children to follow. Here’s to setting a good example!

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One of the main purposes of the Wayne Health Department is to prevent the premature onset of disease and disability, and to help all residents achieve healthier, more productive lives. The health department is committed to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the health of its residents through organized health promotion and disease prevention efforts.