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Community Discussion: Transportation, Trails, & Parks (May Update)

On Tuesday, April 6th Trenton Health Team (THT)  and Trenton Cycling Revolution (TCR) hosted a community discussion focused on transportation, trails, and parks in the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC) neighborhood, a 30-block area of the inner West Ward. A good mix of residents, community stakeholders, and city officials participated in the discussion that was hosted on Zoom. The topics discussed included the 2020 THDC Walk Audit & Park Assessment, TCR Bicycle Kiosk project, and the Trenton Bike Share pilot. 


During the event, THT shared the results from the walk audit that was conducted in December 2020.  During the discussion, each participant was given the opportunity to comment on the 11 intersections that were included in the audit. The community feedback helped enrich the data that was collected last year and we learned of new issues that were not discovered during the walk audit.  In particular, the intersection of Calhoun Street & West State Street was downgraded from good to fair after hearing a number of issues that users have experienced when using the intersection. Something that also came up as an issue with that intersection is snow removal. 


As part of the conversation we also discussed possibilities and recommendations to improve the intersections. The group recommendations included pedestrian amenities, bicycle infrastructure, and other traffic calming elements. In the short term, things such as benches, trash cans, and signage could be installed to improve the comfort and feel of the intersections. Bicycle infrastructure such as new bike lanes would be a longer term project, but should be considered by the City especially during street reconstruction or resurfacing.  The recommendations from the discussion will be presented to the Trenton Complete Streets Steering Committee in June. We expect that some of the recommendations, such as installation of pedestrian amenities and signage will be implemented by THT and TCR this summer. 


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