Grantee Blog 2020

Community Food Bank Strategies

In July, an actual in-person meeting took place and it was exciting!  Okay, it wasn’t a super duper exciting meeting, but it was exciting to meet in person albeit with just a few community members.  The members consisted of representation from the local food bank/churches, the Borough of Audubon and a volunteer from our community who works closely with the South Jersey Food Bank, has experience with this type of work and is a resident of Audubon.

It was a very productive meeting where all parties were completely on board and on the same page. The grand plan for this project is to work closely with the local food banks in Audubon and the surrounding towns to create a strategic plan to help them work as efficiently and together.  We are by no means experts in this field, but we have recognized a real need in the community just by being part of the community and discussing their concerns.

The plan moving forward is to hire a consultant to come in and strategize with all the food banks/churches and create one larger, strategic plan. During this meeting, it was brought to light that the SJ Food Bank was looking to create a similar strategic plan and therefore there was an agreement to all work together on this and our 5-6 local food banks would be happy to be part of the pilot program and to be used as an example for others. The plan is to follow up by early September to check the status with our newest member and the SJ Food Bank.

Our new Recreation Center is finally complete. We are currently in the process of naming the park and hopefully thanks to this grant, we will be able to start planning some additions for next spring.

The clean out continues over near the baseball field behind the Murray-Trout American Legion Post 262.  We are hoping to have one more really productive clean out late summer/early fall before the environmental club goes back to school.  The area still needs a good amount of clean out and assistance from our Public Works department. We will continue to push forward with the limited resources and time.

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Borough of Audubon

The Borough of Audubon is a small town that is wedged between several other similar sized towns. We are constantly working to partner with these other towns to meet common goals.