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The vision for Project Eden was birthed out of a discussion that took place more than two years ago. What started off as a concept is starting to blossom into fruition. With our assessments and focus groups now complete, we’re preparing to move into the next phase of Project Eden. Participant responses will enable us to create community health and wellness programs for 2019 and beyond. It’s exciting to see last year’s efforts enabling us to conceptualize the needs of our community. It’s a vision that requires continued collaboration with our community partners, both old and new.

The purpose of Project Eden’s assessments and focus groups was to learn about the knowledge, behavior and attitudes of residents in Lindenwold and surrounding areas. This will enable Generations, Inc. to further expand our reach into the community to promote new and on-going  ways to eat healthy and become more physically active. The ultimate goal is improved health outcomes.

After completion of our data analysis, and finalization of our implementation strategies, the work on phase two will commence. It finally feels like we’re moving from the business of preparatory planning activity to developing and implementing strategies. We’ll share more details in our next blog post. Until next time…

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Generations Inc.

Generations, Inc., a community development corporation, provides comprehensive, coordinated services to meet the needs of families and individuals, providing full access to necessary services for all ages. Innovations Ministries, a non-profit entity within Generations, promotes a proactive approach to personal development, lifestyle management and enhance overall well-being and quality of life.