Grantee Blog 2020

Connecting The Dots

One of The Family Resource Network’s grant goals is to increase awareness and utilization of nutrition assistance programs available in NJ to families and children with disabilities. The second goal is to create healthy eating Standard of Nutrition Guidelines for After-School Programs. While After-School Programs have taken a pause due to the pandemic – families have not.

In response, FRN has developed a Health Education Webinar Series. This series includes strategic monthly webinars that address various pillars of health that have been communicated to us by the families we serve at some point during the pandemic. Along with accessible resources for families to utilize, FRN is partnering with various organizations to provide well-rounded and relevant health content for present-day times.

One of our team members received a call from a family whose child is on the Spectrum and is having a hard time adjusting to being home with the lack of structure and activities that he is used to when attending usual programs. This is how our first session was discovered – assisting in building a relationship between children and the foods they eat by planting them, maintaining them, watching them grow, and then eating. Creating structure as well as reward and utilizing their senses.

Tune into the first session, Horticultural Therapy for Children with Disabilities, and follow us on Facebook @FamilyResourceNetwork for our upcoming webinars!

About the Grantee

Family Resource Network

The Family Resource Network is an inclusive group of community programs and services designed to meet the growing needs of individuals and families with disabilities. From mobility assistance to educational programs for children with intellectual & developmental disabilities, to scholarship opportunities and healthy eating and fitness programs- we aim to bridge gaps for the families we serve.