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Corey, SE Nutritionist shares information on Healthy Eating.

Somedays are diamonds – Some days are Rock.  I sing this song along with Tom Petty on many days, as the Project Manager of Shaping Elizabeth.

St. Joe’s Healthy Food Pantry has had several “Diamond” Days.  Clients loved the weekly sessions that Jennifer (Bi-lingual) and Mike brought to the center, and Pat from St. Joe’s reported that clients were calling to ask when the next workshop would be. She said this had never happened before.  The “Rock” day occurred when Jenn told us she had a full time job and would be leaving.  We are looking for a new Bi-lingual nutrition educator.  We will continue with our SE Nutritionist resuming nutrition classes with an interpreter.

A “Diamond” occurred when St. Joe’s with the support of a grant hired a Registered Nurse on site 3 days a week available to clients for clinical care support. Due to hectic schedule now at the pantry and the holidays coming we will be unable to post survey clients until January to better access the impact of our changes, small pebble.

Diamonds in the making:


All and all most days are Diamonds!

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The Gateway Family YMCA

In 2014 Shaping Elizabeth began with 4 partner who came together to solve problems. We developed a grant that did not get funded but decided to continue. A community engagement meeting was planned for April 2014 – “Why is your Zip Code the Biggest Determent of Your Health”. This began our journey, today we have 42 partners and 75 individuals including, but not limited to: the City of Elizabeth’s

Strategy: Healthy Eating

Cohort: North 4

Funder: SNAP-Ed

Cities: Elizabeth