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Delivering Health and Heart During COVID-19 – The Valentine House

The Ocean County Health Department (OCHD), like many other organizations across New Jersey, are facing unique challenges in light of the pandemic we’re currently facing.  The OCHD serves as the lead public health response agency in Ocean County and, as such, is working diligently to mitigate the impact of Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) on our community.   While some of our activities are currently on hold, we are partnering with local community agencies and service providers to meet their COVID-19 needs as it relates to our New Jersey Health Communities Network (NJHCN) Healthy Eating/Active Living grant.


On April 1, 2020, the OCHD will be working with The Valentine House in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey to educate and equip the physically and mentally disabled adults residing in their 48-bed facility.  The Valentine House is composed of family members and friends of the mentally ill who are dedicated to providing residents with the safe, healthy, pleasant, caring environment they deserve.  They are committed to the total care of each resident, which includes full housing provisions, the coordination of health care thru physical and psychiatric health care providers, and various additional support services.


Offering this health education opportunity allows us to begin to engage with this facility on healthy behaviors influencing the prevention of COVID-19, like hand hygiene and social distancing.


Although this effort is not directly providing healthy eating/active living components, it allows us to build organizational relationships and foster long term buy-in among key stakeholders in our community.  It also teaches us great ways to navigate through difficult circumstances with community partners and to find mutually beneficial ways to support our shared vision.  We hope this effort leads to both a quick, seamless rollout of NJHCN activities as well as functionally meeting the needs of our vulnerable populations during this unique time.

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Ocean County Health Department

In partnership with our community, the Ocean County Health Department is committed to serving as a leader to promote healthy lifestyles, ensure a clean and safe environment, and provide high-quality public health services to protect our present and future generations