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Dover is exercising now more than ever!

Shaping Dover’ fitness workshop has been a great success in our community. This workshop was the first physical activity of our initiative. Fortunately for our residents, Shaping Dover has expanded to include other physical activities for all ages and preferences. . Among these activities are: Dover Walks, Hip Hop and Zumba Classes. All of these workshops have great attendance averaging approximately 30 or more participants weekly or bi-weekly. Everyone is always eager to exercise while having fun!

Due to the overwhelming response of our community, our space became limited and Shaping Dover partnered with the Town of Dover which is one of our biggest supporters. The town allows us to offer the fitness classes at our local park.  The program recently moved out of its former space due to the growing participation and the park is a wonderful space which, not only accommodates our larger classes, but also increased exposure and access of participating families to their local parks.

Engaging in physical exercise while having fun during our classes is one of our main goals. Therefore, the Shaping Dover team started brainstorming and contacting our community partners. After visiting a few venues, we are pleased to announce that all of our activities will now be held at our new location: The Spruce Senior Building located in a central area in Dover. It is not only a very spacious, walkable location behind the Crescent Field Park but a great place in case of rain for our outdoor physical activities.

No cancellations. No excuses. Now is your turn. Come join us for some fun!

About the Grantee

Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey

Shaping Dover, a program of the Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern NJ, is a community health initiative to improve the health of the people of Dover, New Jersey, by developing plans that focus on increasing physical activity and promoting healthy food choices. Our goal is to add healthy foods to the menus of restaurants and to encourage physical activities.