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Dover Police Assist With Bike Routes

The Connect to Walk and Bike committee in Morris County is just about done reviewing and assessing routes in the town of Dover. With many residents lacking cars, and walking and biking to work, it has been important to consider access to public transportation as well as to parks and schools. Several route recommendations have been made. In some cases, biking routes are different than walking routes due to the challenges of terrain. Final efforts are being made to have residents complete the physical activity survey. Committee member Jim Hunt, from the Morris Area Freewheelers, and Officer Aldo Cicchetti, of the Dover Police Department, bravely set out on their bikes on a cold December day to review recommended biking routes. One of the recommended routes should be easily implemented. The route brings riders from the center of town to Hedden County Park. The route can also be used by walkers. It enters the park at an informal trail but staff from the Park Commission feel it can easily be formalized. The hope is that the route can be officially announced for May’s National Bike Month. In cooperation with the Shaping Dover team and their planned Ciclovia, an organized inaugural ride could be planned. The committee thanks Jim, Officer Cicchetti, and Detective Sergeant Anthony Scinto for their cooperation in this effort! A presentation of the recommendations will include maps of the recommended routes, as well as photographs,¬†demographic maps,¬†and a final report. Concurrently, the committee’s consultants, the¬†Nomad Group, are working in Rockaway Township. This is the first community with areas of undeveloped and semi-rural residences. In light of the¬†network of hilly, narrow roads in the northern portion of the township, the group¬†is focusing on areas on the southern portion that can provide access to parks and recreation spaces,¬†schools, and¬†retail areas.¬†An exciting goal is to try to find alternate travel methods to the Rockaway Mall, a multi building shopping development¬†that includes a movie theater. Nearby hotels,¬†condominium and townhouse developments, and business complexes could provide their visitors, residents, and employees access to the mall services without having to use car. Along with the physical activity benefits, we could be reducing the carbon footprint and avoiding the¬†search for a parking space!

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Morris Park Alliance

The Connect to Walk and Bike Committee works with willing local communities to assess, review and recommend connections for walking and biking. The grant funding to the Morris Park Alliance permits the committee to work with a consultant for assessments and mapping.