Grantee Blog 2020

Dreams Approaching Reality

As progress moves forward at the TRFOD site, this dream is coming closer and closer to becoming a reality. Come November, there will be a state of the art complex for individuals of all abilities to play, learn, and grow together. The zip line aspect of this complex has been constructed as seen in our last blog post, and will help individuals with disabilities develop and practice motor skills as well as help them to stay active. The fully wheelchair accessible park which will help to promote and ensure a fully inclusive environment is being constructed, and the rest of this complex is swiftly coming together!

The Ocean County Health Department has continued to foster relationships with our community partners and is taking steps to prepare for the opening of this complex. Engaging educational health programs have been created, and initial programs have been delivered at local group homes for individuals with disabilities throughout the county who received a small terraced garden bed at their residence.

In preparation for the opportunities that will come with the opening of the Toms River Field of Dreams site, the OCHD recently held a Farm Stand Service Learning Event. With this event, individuals with disabilities from one of our partnering organizations were invited to learn useful skills for future employment opportunities through assisting with the preparation of a farm stand to sell surplus plants to OCHD employees. This encompassed the organizing and labeling of plants, learning about the benefits of produce plants being sold, teaching peers about health benefits of produce, harvesting seeds to be stored for next season, and harvesting potatoes from our potato buckets! All who participated in this event were able to gain experience through a fun, physically active day full of learning! We look forward to bringing more opportunities to this population upon the grand opening of the Toms River Field of Dreams complex this November!

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