Grantee Blog 2020

Dreams Becoming a Reality

Driving past the Toms River Field of Dreams site, impressive progress in construction is clearly underway and making swift headway. Over the course of the past few weeks, the majority of the complex equipment has been delivered and is now being placed and assembled in preparation for the Toms River Field of Dreams grand opening this Fall. Although the pandemic provided some obstacles and setbacks, this dream endures and will become a reality despite being delayed.

This state of the art playground will feature the zip line pictured above, an accessible trampoline at the top of a feature deemed “the mound”, and many other exciting pieces that are sure to make for a fun and inclusive environment. This project is effecting the community in the best possible way by improving the built environment and creating opportunities for social interactions, motor skill development, and community involvement among individuals with disabilities.

Additionally, part of this project includes a community garden which will be supplemented with programming focused on nutrition, physical activity, and screening services for individuals with disabilities. The garden boxes for this aspect of the project have been delivered to the site recently and will be placed for planting soon. We are very eager to get started on filling the garden boxes with the variety of fruits, vegetables, and sensory plants being grown for this project in the coming weeks so that the community may enjoy the foliage and fruits of the garden!

As progress is made, the visions of this project are being solidified and constructed for the good of the community. Excitement is building as physical progress on the site expands from week to week. The Field of Dreams site is expected to open in October, and has captured the attention and gained support from many individuals throughout the state – even including Governor Murphy and other local leaders.

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Ocean County Health Department

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